Trialling New Players & Teams

Irish eSports Team

Irish eSports Team

At Emerald we always encourage people to contact us when they are seeking to join the team and we ALWAYS feel proud that a person has taken the time to request to join us and to represent the #1 Irish eSports team at an EU level. If you feel you have what it takes click here to apply.

Following a restructuring of Emerald players and staff we are putting out an open call for players, streamers and staff worldwide who wish to be a part of the #1 team in Irish eSports. We will consider all current eSports titles but before contacting us we ask you to read this guide below to help you decide if you are ready to join the ranks of Emerald eSports.

While we may be the #1 Irish eSports team that fully funds it’s teams remember we never seek out people who just want to take part, we seek people who aim to excel and who can back up their words with actions and proper dedication.

Self Presentation

For teams or players trying to join any organisation remember that the first impression is more than crucial. We can always very quickly get an understanding of how professional a player or team is and their level of experience by how they contact us. Lots of people tend to add Emerald staff directly on Steam, Social Media or Skype and usually start with the following:

  • Hey, you looking for a team to support?
  • Hey, what can you offer our team?
  • Hi, we are a boss team and think you Emerald should pick us up.
  • Do you want to pickup a LoL / CoD team???

ALL of the above type of message will meet with an instant reply of no thanks we are not looking at the moment as we are not seeking players whose main motivation financial support especially players who don’t even have the basic knowledge of the Emerald eSports setup, types of games we compete in and our general goals and ethos. Bear in mind that we have no problem providing financial support but what all of the above types of messages fail to put across is what value and benefits that YOU can offer and bring to the team.

Self Presentation – The Right Approach

Your best approach is to research a team for correct contact information and then sit down and think about yourself and what you can do to the help the Team. It’s worth considering both your strengths and weaknesses as a player and a team because you will be asked about them and if a team or player thinks they have their game down perfectly then they are not worth much to a team as sooner rather than later they will start to cause issues and headaches.

A good player is someone who does not just blame “lag” or “warriors” it’s someone who can take an objective step back and analyze why the lost or were killed and being able to accept that sometimes the answer is simply the player being better than you. Players have often said they analyze themselves but withing 15 seconds of a being in a match with them you know it to be false as the raging starts hard.

It’s also great to be able to have a player who is into streaming and / or video editing and having links to all channels would be good. Finally, I’ve lost count of the amount of Captains that have asked to become involved with Emerald and I ask them a simply question like whats your Team mates Gamebattles username to be met with a reply of I don’t know.

Well, if your the captain and you don’t know what does that say for you as a captain and generally your approach to being a competitive gamer (and believe me it happens more than you think).



Performance is one of those points that you can already get an idea of by checking out the team’s latest results. With performance I mean everything that revolves around skill, activity and results. Before recruiting a team we obviously need to have a clue about how good that team is, how active it is, what kind of tournaments or events it has participated in, etc. It is important to say though that past results and achievements do not necessarily define how the future will look like! Due to the fact that it is obviously quite important for us to personally learn about the future plans of a prospective team we are interested in how your regular week looks like, how does your training schedule look like, what tournaments/cups/ladders do you participate in, do you intend to visit a lan event in 1/3/6/12 months? All of those performance indicators have an impact on our final decision.

Marketing Value
Professional organisations who have aspirations to go big need to think about marketing sooner or later. To some extent the teams belong to the group of biggest assets of an organisation, the teams are usually one of the main reasons why people follow an organisation. Those followers, fans, friends or however we want to call them are following certain organisations for very specific reasons. Those reasons can be that you get to know the team really well by them interacting with you on social media or a website/forum, the team produces a lot of video content which makes you get to know them on a very personal level because you can see how they behave, how they react to certain situations and so on. For said reasons it is crucial for an organisation to evaluate the marketing value of a team. To estimate the value we usually need to know everything a team does outside of the actual game – does a team stream its games, do their individual players have streams, do they have active social media fanpages or twitter accounts, how much interaction do they create, do they have a big following, do they record VLOGs, do they write BLOGs, do they visit lan events, etc. On a semi-professional level, which most of the teams we deal with are on, teams usually aren’t aware of such things, which makes it quite hard to get all of those things introduced to a team sometimes.

The above are three key things we consider when looking at prospective members of Emerald which allow us to evaluate many variables including where a prospective team is in their stage of development and if they fit into the overall Emerald organisation. Finally, bear in mind that while these above guidelines are used to help us evaluate the overall value of a team compared to what they expect from us as an organisation. It is important to note that out of those 4 indicators we don’t see them as of same importance, because usually teams aren’t able to cover all of that up to perfection.

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