Owner Emerald eSports



Damien Miju Gill


Gaming since 1986 (yes nearly 30 years) miju started out his gaming career programming and playing games on the Commodore 64 and has played pretty much every gaming platform released since then. Always wanting to be a pro gamer but being from Ireland especially in a time when there was no solid income from gaming it unfortunately meant mjiu never made the pro gaming leap instead gaming “on the side”.

His eye was always on the pro gaming area and eventually miju along with a few other noble gamers established IRL Gaming as a community for some of the top gamers in Ireland as well as a place for pure fun and giggles. In the early days of IRL, miju made his name in the Battlefield series as a UAV pilot often dominating entire teams for an entire match only using one vehicle spawn all match and he quickly became the #1 ranked UAV pilot in the world. As the Battlefield series progressed he ditched piloting and became a highly ranked foot soldier and tanker until finally in Battlefield 4 before retiring he again regained control of the top of the leaderboards as the #1 ranked player in the country, #4 ranked vehicle destroyer worldwide and #12 Battlefield ranked player in the world as well as a whole other host of top 20 rankings.

Since retiring from competitive gaming he has earned himself a reputation as being one of the craziest grinders out there most notably being the first EU “Gen 10” pilot in Titanfall (including all 50 gooser kills legit) in a total of just 5 days after game release.

Miju had been looking at the eSports scenes exploding in other countries but still on the wane in Ireland. So in 2013 he founded eSports Ireland the intended NGB for eSports in Ireland. He also wanted to show other Irish players how to run, present, package, form and behave in a professional eSports team and lead the way for Irish eSports and so he formed an offshoot of IRL Gaming which was called Team IRL in 2012 which was the first pro eSports team in Ireland. However, as the team began to take an international angle the organisation was renamed to Emerald eSports and this is where miju still continues growing and supporting Irish eSports as much as possible.