New Emerald.CoD Roster Announced

Since the launch of CoD: Advanced Warfare Emerald has been without a Call of Duty team. We wanted to take our time and find the right mix of players who have the best attitude, professionalism, work ethic and skill in order to progress and carry the Irish eSports flag for Call of Duty and eSports and to set an example for other Irish eSports teams to follow.

It is with great pleasure that Emerald announce that the full roster of Team Eclipse has transferred to Emerald to take part in our major plans for 2015 and they are as follows:

Dean “Xpozure” Nolan

Eoin “Conroi” Conroy

Rob “Robbie” Lane

Andrew “Moores” Moores

As well as competing in the usual online tournaments it is planned that Emerald.CoD attend the following LAN’s in Europe.

  • Am2Pro – Leicester, UK
  • G 4 – Dublin, Ireland
  • Gfinity Open , London, UK
  • G 5 – Dublin, Ireland
  • Gfinity Majors 1 & 2 , London, UK (Pending Qualification)
  • Gfinity Summer Majors 1 & 2, London UK (Pending Qualification)

The new Coach for Emerald.CoD who will be helping to fine tune the teams performances and tactics will be also announced shortly as the team prepare and work towards representing Emerald eSports in the EU. We firmly believe that Emerald.CoD have the skill, experience and work ethic to make it among the top teams in Europe.