Emerald eSports is proud to be the first and hopefully not the last pro team hailing from Ireland competing in various eSports titles but mainly Call of Duty, League of Legends, Halo, Counter Strike and Battlefield.

Formed in 2012 by Damien “miju IRL” Gill as a competitive offshoot of IRL Gaming which is the oldest Xbox clan in Ireland and home to some of the top ranked players in the country Emerald eSports was originally branded as Team IRL. However, as the organisation began to take on an international flavor it was renamed and rebranded to Emerald eSports but still keeping it’s roots and ties firmly within IRL Gaming.

Miju founded Emerald eSports with the intention of showcasing the gaming skills of IRL Gaming as well as showing what Irish gamers can offer and to show other Irish players how to run, present, package, form and behave in a professional eSports team and lead the way for Irish eSports as best he could.

Miju, IRL Gaming and Emerald eSports have for a long time carried the Irish eSports and gaming flag whenever possible and even more so now as Emerald begins to grow bigger and better with each and every season.