From Player to GM

Since the formation of Emerald eSports we have been growing and developing at a high but stable growth rate and we have been representing Irish eSports in a number of ways and we continue to try and set the standard.

Recently Emerald owner Damien “miju” Gill has had increasing amounts of time taken up with projects which will prove to be highly positive for Irish eSports in the near future and due to the increased demands on this time he has taken the relevant steps to ensure that Emerald eSport does not suffer as an organisation and continues flying the flag as the premium Irish eSports team.

We are happy to announce the appointment of John “BarL0w” Barlow as General Manager of Emerald eSports with immediate effect. John Barlow has been involved with Emerald eSports since it’s formation  and shown loyalty, dedication to the team through as well as understanding our core goals, team ethos and drive to develop Irish eSports.

John Barlow will be working closely with owner Damien Gill (who will still be taking an active role in Emerald) in the future to continue growing Emerald and developing our teams and representation at EU wide LANs and other events.

We hope you will join us in wishing him the best of luck in his new role.


Emerald.CoD Roster Update

After announcing our recent new Call of Duty roster and despite taking our time in selecting who we thought were the right players to represent Emerald we suffered a series rapid and successive roster changes that is not a common thing to occur at Emerald eSports.

Once bitten and twice shy we this time ensured the right mix of team chemistry and outright slaying power with Top 1/2 LAN finishes and similar results online who have been together for a long , long time.

It is with great pleasure that Emerald announce our new Emerald.CoD roster who are:

Eoin “Conroi” Conroy

Paul “Fillaay” Abernethy

Ryan “Choker” Abernethy

Callum “Cosmic” Mc Garry

The team will still be aiming to attend the following LAN’s in Europe.

  • Am2Pro – Leicester, UK
  • G 4 – Dublin, Ireland
  • Gfinity Open , London, UK
  • G 5 – Dublin, Ireland
  • Gfinity Majors 1 & 2 , London, UK (Pending Qualification)
  • Gfinity Summer Majors 1 & 2, London UK (Pending Qualification)

We firmly believe that Emerald.CoD have the skill, experience and work ethic to make it among the top teams in Europe and when you see the likes of Emerald CoD clutching up in 1 v 4 you know it’s legit.